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The wording in product descriptions can make all the difference for an e-commerce website. Our specialised services in product description writing encourage desired actions from prospective buyers. We, At White Label Copywriting UK offer digital marketing agencies and web design companies the expertise of highly skilled copywriters dedicated to crafting outstanding quality content for your clients on your behalf.
How a product description is worded can make all the difference to the impact it has on a prospective buyer. What makes this marketing content writing type that much more complicated for web design companies or graphic designers that do not have expertise in copywriting is that each brand or business niche has its own unique voice and customer base. Product descriptions for a fashion brand targeting the teenage market require a different tone to that of a more mature clothing brand.
Bad copy does not just reflect badly on a business; it casts a heavy thundercloud over revenue – no sale = no revenue. What keeps a prospect on the page of a website? Compelling content. Compelling descriptions help encourage the buyer to fill their shopping cart. Our experienced full-time copywriters will speak directly to a business’ prospects no matter the industry or niche of business. We offer a quality writing service tailored around our clients and their clients’ needs.


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Working with Globital has been fantastic, needing access to resources at a fraction of the cost, with such great output has been a game changer for us. Great service, great knowledge and an awesome team to work with! Thanks guys 🙂

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Why hassle or experience all those frustrations of outsourcing to freelance writers? We often hear from our clients their horror stories of receiving half-baked, badly written copy. Make White Label Copywriting UK your key asset in all content marketing requirements. We are in the business to support you and your client.