Bringing Press Releases To Life

Looking for a professional press release writing service provider? White Label Copywriting UK offers a core range of business writing services that includes press release writing.

Our outstanding support services help marketing and media agencies provide a quality service to their clients while maximising on production efficiencies and business operational costs.

One of the most effective tools in the marketing and promotions arsenal of any UK-based agency remains a well-structured and expertly-written press release. Whether it’s to promote your own business, or bang the drum of your client’s brand, you need to know how to get the message out there in the public eye.

A press release is the public face that represents a brand to the media. And if the message is going to be picked up and presented to the public, it needs to be written properly, to the point and effective…all foundational pillars of our white label copywriting team.

White Label Copywriting UK crafts relevant press releases for mainstream and digital media that are all ready for distribution and that make the lives of journalists that much easier.

Press releases answer to many business communication needs. Our press releases are highly effective in generating buzz around:

  • Announcing new product launches
  • Spreading the word about industry-specific achievements
  • Celebrating milestones in the history of a business or organisation
  • Drumming up interest in new business partnerships or acquisitions
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Why White Label Copywriting UK

In crafting copy we keep the end goal of a press release in mind – encouraging the target audience to take the appropriate action of seeking more information.

The benefits of our quality writing services provide you with:

  • Experienced proficiencies in press release writing
  • Fast and reliable turnaround times
  • Maximum reach and exposure to the right audience
  • All copy goes through a number of stringent quality control checks to ensure accuracy, structure and professionalism

Our expert copywriters, skilled in press release best practice methods, will take the stress out of creating newsworthy items for your numerous business clients. We have a well-organised briefing process in place that provides our copywriters with essential information relevant to each newsworthy item.

Press Release Writing

During our briefing process in providing your clients with a quality press release writing service we ask that you provide us with important information such as the exact dates, times and venue of the event and any quotes that need to be included.

Your clients’ news is as important to us as it is to you and your clients which is why we focus on telling it right. We provide press releases ready to be picked up by journalists in mainstream media. Look no further than White Label Copywriting UK for a reliable, professional quality copywriting services.


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