Standard Blog Posts – A Brand’s Best Friend

The heart and soul of digital marketing content is your recurring and regularly updated blog post.

Business brands and search engines love blogs for the simple reason that one single post can do multiple things. They have been proven effective for creating interest and awareness in a brand (brand promotion), helping a brand reach a wider audience, encouraging sales leads and helping algorithms boost a website’s visibility in online searches.

Of course for all of these highly desirable goals to be achieved, blog posts require proficient skills that come with professional training, natural talent and experience. At White Label Copywriting UK we take great pride in boasting that our team of in-house copywriters display all three necessities to provide our clients’ clients with high quality fresh engaging content for their websites.

Here’s what we offer on our standard blog writing service:

  • Content written by professional copywriters whose first language is English.
  • Standard or normal blogs are between 300-350 words in length.
  • Effective keyword usage to ensure optimised search-friendly blogs.
  • Full-time copywriters who are skilled in conducting necessary research to create blogs that are informative and engaging and that offer value to the intended audience.
  • An editorial manager who oversees the entire blog writing process and ensures strict quality control processes are adhered to before you get the final copy.
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Why White Label Copywriting UK

Our copywriters are experienced professionals all with a range of skills that help them in covering a vast array of subject matter. We have produced blogs covering diverse industries from SEO and related topics for clients in the digital marketing industry to pet care, health and beauty, home heating appliances and property and real estate.

A dependable blog writing service with a quick turnaround time. If you find yourself boxed in by a content calendar bursting at the seams, then our efficient copywriting service is just what is needed to relieve the pressure of heavy unmanageable workloads. Wouldn’t it be nice to offer each of your clients the benefit of a comprehensive and packed monthly content calendar without having to do any of the writing yourself…and charge for it? Now you can.

White Label Copywriting UK is a dedicated trusted service provider with a core service offering that includes both normal standard blogs and longer length blogs. We work tirelessly at exceeding our clients and their clients’ expectations with every blog post.

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